Fire Ant Control

Our fire ant control lasts one year!

Safe for kids and pets

fire ant control needed to kill fire ant moundIs your yard dotted with fire ant mounds like this?

Get rid of em! With our safe and effective, once a year fire ant treatment.

Lexington and the surrounding areas are a hotbed for fire ants. These stinging ants are aggressive and territorial. If you’ve ever disturbed a fire ant colony you know they will attack in a swarm, covering you with painful, itchy little bites that can last a week.

Fire ants can set up multiple colonies in your yard and are difficult to get rid of. Rest assured, our technicians are professionally trained, and are familiar with the behavior of fire ants in order to fully eradicate them from your property.

Our once a year fire ant extermination:

  • is guaranteed to last for one full year
  • uses broadcast granules to repel fire ants
  • Is safe for kids and pets

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