Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are flying insects known for their harsh bite. A mosquito's bite can cause itchiness and irritation for several days, and in some cases mosquitos can carry the fatal West Nile Virus, or Zika virus.

Mosquitoes are difficult to eradicate, but with our monthly mosquito control treatments the population will be drastically reduced. We use "green" products to treat for mosquitoes along the water's edge of creeks, ponds and lakes. Our technicians will study the layout of your property and determine the best areas for insecticide use. To increase the effectiveness of our treatments, and reduce areas for mosquitoes to breed, remove any standing water from your property. Our mosquito control service offers:

  • Monthly treatments
  • Plant-based product that is safe to use around, ponds and lakes
  • No contract required
  • Neighborhood discounts available

Interested in our mosquito control treatment?