Termite Inspection Prep

Termite Inspection Prep Requires a Few Steps Before we Arrive

Getting ready for a termite inspection might take a little time, but the results are well worth it. Here's a handy checklist to ensure your home is prepped and ready for our expert inspection. Taking these simple steps doesn't just make our job easier, but ensures that you get a thorough inspection; giving you the peace of mind that your home is termite free.

Termite Inspection Prep Steps:

  • Garage

    Move anything that is against the walls, leaving at least two to three feet of space for the termite inspector to have a clear view of where the walls meet the garage floor.

  • Crawl space foundation

    Your inspector will have to crawl around your crawl space. Clear the way; move any items that would prevent easy access, and make sure that nothing in the crawl space will keep the inspector from seeing the walls, ceiling, piers, etc. Nothing should be stored in the crawl space.

  • Slab foundation

    Clear out any items that are under your sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. This is important because the termite inspector will need to check your water sources. Termites need moisture to survive, so they are drawn to any area with high moisture levels. The accessible baseboards throughout the 1st main floor will also be inspected.

  • Outdoor Landscaping

    Take a critical look at your landscaping in advance of the inspection. Cut back any plants that might keep the inspector from getting a good look at your home's  foundation.

Termite Inspection Prep for Best Results

A little time prepping for your termite inspection will yield a big result: a termite inspection you can trust.

Need to download a copy of the prep steps?

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