Termites will eat it!

Ever seen 100,000 termites?

Termites on a log

While that clearly isn't 100,000 termites, it still makes you squirm, right?!

In an effort to educate consumers on the dangers of termites and the importance of professional pest management, the National Pest Management Association provided household items to 100,000 termites to see if they would eat them. We know that termites love a nice snack of wood, but would you have guessed they would enjoy headphones?!

Termites love anything made of cellulose, a component of plants like wood, cotton and paper. This means many things in your home, including the wood that supports it.

The worry for pest management companies is that customers will go a long time without treatment because they can’t see the damage that the termites are doing to their house. Then professional pest management is called when it is too late and a lot of damage has been done. But now that you know termites eat towels and fast food, you know their destructive ways first hand!

Before and After Termites Destroy Towels
From: http://magazine.pctonline.com/article/march-2020/lights-camera-destruction.aspx

Even seasoned pest management specialists were surprised to see the destruction these termites could have in normal household items. Termites can eat through and destroy 1 foot of 2 by 4 wood in 6 months! Don’t let termites get the best of your home. If you've let your termite coverage lapse, we're ready to help!

Click here for more crazy videos of termites eating household items! Thank you to Pest World for showing us how destructive termites can be in a fun and creative way!

For more details, see the original article from Pest Control Technology.